Is femininity campaign a mere cheap talk?

Lately, women have been given the opportunity to rise up to the level of presidents, CEOs, or gainfully employed staff in diverse fields of specialization.

But has it changed the way men look at females of this generation in Africa?

Indeed, there has been an awaking to the limitless influence of women in society, once oriented well in both formal and informal sectors.

Again the notion that the influence of a female could not go beyond the kitchen and bedroom has also been thrashed out.

Yet, can this generation frankly look a woman in the eye and say, “I totally trust you to fully handle affairs unaided for as long as I’m away?” – This has been the ongoing debate about the emancipation of womenfolk in Africa.

The promotion of femininity has chalked big strides, as the masses have evolved from their pitiful state of 100% dependency on a man, to key contributors (including financial) to the maintenance of the household.

Now, the trend which used to give absolute power to men to control women at every turn has drastically reduced.

Men currently deem it crucial to solicit views of women in their bid to arrive at a holistic solution to the problems of society.

Domestic violence has seen considerable decrease in communities across the globe because of the campaign against abuse of women.

However, this generation has not reached the point where they have embraced the totality of the concept of femininity.

People have thus constantly questioned whether the concept of femininity has really achieved the purpose for which it was “birthed” or whether it is a grand scheme of illusion used to pitch women against men.

Despite the rigorous campaigns on femininity the world over, women continue to carry out the basic roles as the female at home apart from their paid jobs outside the household.

Men’s view of women as ultimate source of desirous object to satisfy their sexual desires has not changed.

Women continually attract lower wages for the same kind of jobs as men and the physiological makeup of women during (menstruation breaks and conception periods) continue to “rob” them of time which otherwise would have been channeled into productive work time.

And even worst of all when a snake rares it’s head in the public place, women cry out aloud, “where are the men – come and rescue us from this poisonous live rope” .

On these grounds, the main argument which still remains states – will women ever reach the point where they can fully compete head to head with men for the limited opportunities available?

What’s your view?


ICGC’s rantings worsening matters for Pastor Mensa Otabil

Once upon a time, Pastor Mensa Otabil’s words were cherished and upheld by church members and the public by extension as views of a man of integrity until the details of defunct Capital bank revealed shocking developments.

In the wake of collapse of bank in Ghana, the Central Bank detailed what auditors term “willful deceit” on the part of shareholders and directors in the case of defunct UT and Capital Banks.

A 2014 Bank of Ghana (BoG) Examination and Inspection Report by Boulders and Advisors Limited also found that there was a significant amount of inter-group lending within the two banks.

This was after a review of two forms of related party transactions; first was loans granted to individuals and companies related to the bank and loans granted to companies connected to one another by ownership and directorship but unrelated to the bank group.

The Central Bank revoked the license of two commercial banks – UT Bank and Capital Bank in August last year.

The action was triggered by the inability of the two banks to turn around their negative capital adequacy position which has lingered on for some time now.

This has become topical following the closure of five struggling banks on August 1, 2018, with BoG announcing it has merged all five banks into the Consolidated Bank Gh. Ltd.
Sovereign Bank, Royal Bank, The Beige Bank, Construction Bank and Unibank are the five financial institutions that have run into liquidity challenges.

Detailing their findings on UT and Capital Banks, the Report said, “Capital Bank was a web of transactions involving insider parties, that is, directors, shareholders and their related companies.”

How Capital Bank officials wasted the tax payers’ money

The board after receiving the cash dished out ¢27.5m to a Board member to hype the business. The word in the report was “business promotion”. While still under distress but having received the bail-out, the board approved an expenditure of ¢2.6M and $50,000 on “re-branding.”

The board also “ratified” a proposal to increase the fees and benefits of directors, including two first and business class air tickets for all members of the board.

Not done, some ¢130m was transferred to Alltime Capital, a transfer that needed some explanation from the CEO Ato Essien who said the transfers were “strategic,” and “highly classified information.”

The transfers were expected back into the bank by March 2016 – in five months, he said with additional assurance from the chairman, Dr. Mensa Otabil.

Alltime Capital, all this time, was however acting as an arranger for the transfer of the ¢130m to two other companies.

MC Management Services Ltd owned by one Dr. Tetteh Nettey and Abdul Rahman Abukari got ¢100m cedis and Pronto Construction and Supplies Ltd owned by one Paanii Tackie who got ¢20m.

While Alltime Capital got 130m, Nordea Capital also got ¢65m of this Bank of Ghana aid money to Capital Bank.

Capital Bank sat back to watch their money working itself up and working itself back into their hands.

The GCB in 2017, took over Capital Bank and UT Bank under a purchase agreement approved by the Bank of Ghana.

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Ernest Addison, speaking at the time, blamed the lack of good corporate governance for the collapse of the two banks.

He added, “the revocation of banking licenses of UT and Capital bank due to significant capital deficiencies, also partly reflected poor corporate governance practices within these institutions”.

Dr. Addison stressed that good corporate governance is not only essential to minimizing risk but it is also fundamental to improving economic performance.

GCB Bank has since absorbed about four hundred workers.

After the all these details, why would members of the ICGC who are also well meaning citizens of Ghana, and not spectators go on rampage campaigning under the harshtag #WeStandwithyouDrMensaOtabil?

Which is better? To rally behind waste of hard earned monies of Ghanaian citizens or uphold the rule of law to safeguard against corruption to secure a better future for generations unborn?

5 Ways to keep hair, braids healthy and glam!

Braids are becoming the new fabulous hairdo for both the young and old.

It has become the preferred option for countless reasons; the most prominent being the manageability of this hair style.

braids are mostly done to protect the natural hair from damage which may arise from poor handling and harsh weather conditions.

While the emphasis is on the protection of the natural hair; it is equally important to keep the extensions (braids) neat and beautiful until you decide to remove them.

Thanks to innovations in the fashion world, braids can be made into twists, box braids, or even dreadlocks.

Beyond keeping braids loosely on the back, it can also be woven in many different styles for  various occasions.

Now, the main hustle people go through with braids is how to maintain it for the number of weeks they decide to keep it.

Here are some quick tips on how to keep your braids looking neat and shiny for weeks.

  • Wear a scarf on the braids before running off to bed, to protect the hair.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner on the scalp to keep hair moist and healthy .
  • Wash hair when you realize it’s dirty. This removes grease from scalp to promote growth.
  • Extend your style time by redoing your edges.
  • It’s important not to keep braids on for too long. Some hair types can withstand long months but others will get roots of your hair coming out if you leave braids on for too long.

Photo credit: Beautiful_Ghanaians Instagram

Top five Idris Elba secrets you’re dying to know

The tweet, “Thank you Ghana… I’ll be back soon. Don’t miss me too much” from Idris Elba last week, turned the corners of my lips upwards as I dashed to Wikipedia to confirm yet again the fact that, this intriguing and incredibly successful Hollywood actor is of Ghanaian descent.

Anyway, being an Idris Elba fan, I have followed him closely on many activities and have been particularly fascinated by 5 things about him. Now, here are the five I’ve always marveled about this star.

  • He was into tyre fitting and cold-call advertising before becoming a Hollywood fame. Prior to Idris venturing into acting, he worked in various jobs such as tyre-fitting and cold-call advertising. He even worked in nightclubs under the nickname DJ Big Driis when he was about 19 years. Eventually, he began auditioning for television parts in his early twenties. Then in 1995, Elba landed his first role on a series called ‘Bramwell’, a medical drama set in 1890s England.
  •  His first wife was a Liberian! According to, the British actor born of African parents (Elba’s mother was from Ghana and his father from Sierra Leon) married fellow African actress Dormowa Sherman a Liberian in 1997. He has a beautiful daughter, Isan with Dormowa. It was reportedly asserted that the marriage dissolved when he could not find work and ended up homeless for about two months; a very unfortunate situation.
  • He is a winner of multiple awards. Idris Elba has collected a number of awards gaining for him the reputation he holds today. Here are a list of his awards:-

BET Award for Best Actor (2010 & 2011)

NAACP Image Award for outstanding actor in television Movie, mini- series or dramatic Special (2011)

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film (2011)

Black Reel Award for Best Actor: T.V. Movie/Cable (2012)

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special (2014)

  • He dropped a bouncy baby boy last three months! – Idris Elba has welcomed a baby boy with girlfriend Naiyana Garth and named him after his dad, Winston. Now how cool is that?
  • And finally, Idris visited home sweet home to star in a music clip with grandpapa of hip- life music in Ghana, Reggie  Rockstone and VVIP, an evolution of Ghana’s iconic hip-life group called VIP

For all who haven’t seen Idris in action watch this hair-raising trailer of his latest movie,  “No Good Deed” Enjoy!

Glaring signs that you do not have job satisfaction

What has “Job Satisfaction” got to do with one’s happiness? If 2/3 of one’s adult life is spent at work, this question, no doubt is out of context.

Job Satisfaction means, one is happy at what he or she does and the environment he or she is working in. Therefore, Job Satisfaction has a direct link to one’s happiness. Job Satisfaction represents two sides of the coin that is internal and external.

The internal part is when you, yourself both in mind, body and soul feel good and fulfilled about the job you do. The external part is when your work or contribution gets appreciated and valued not only by your boss and team but also by your, customers, family, friends and the society at large.

For those who may be “unhappy” you hear them say “ I am passing my time here and will stick around as long as the job allows me to meet my daily needs or until another opportunity knocks at my door”. Such people are liabilities to any organization they work for and the no of those who feel this way is quite significant. Such a reaction is something that no leader in his right mind can afford to ignore.



Unfortunately, what hurts most is the fact that there exists little interest on the part of the leaders and employers to listen and attend to these feelings. Both sides are to blame and both need to come to their senses to realize that it takes two to build a happy home or work place.

How come we remain blind to the fact that two minds are better than one and that happiness means much more than just a paycheck, promotion etc. We need to look at the big picture and long term benefits like job security, organizational growth, career development, customers loyalty, sustainability of the program or business and its services to the community. Let me share this quote as it is relevant to the above discussion “ We tend to forget that happiness does not come as a result of getting something we don’t have but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have” Fredrick Keoning.

This is a good message to the leaders and employers. The best leaders are those who use their emotional intelligence and invest time and effort to know what is going on, listen, understand, fill the emotion around, brainstorm and find meaningful and lasting solutions.

To be fair to the leaders, the best employees can do is to  also do out of the ordinary or extraordinary things, behave and act as the gatekeepers of the company and always look out for its well-being and prosperity.

You cannot  imagine what profits  these two forces can yield  if  they join hands to work towards this common goal. Can they? Yes, they can.

Have a great business Week and as always, your comments are welcome.


Juliet Ibrahim’s divorce: Did her family approve of union?

It’s been exactly 10 days since Juliet Ibrahim confirmed her ‘over a year and half’ marriage dissolution with Kwadwo Safo Jnr. giving reasons including the marriage being a mistake, family of her ex-husband not in support of the marriage and lastly, a competitor for the love of her ex-husband involved; as gathered by Razz Newspaper.

These reasons given by the actress came with huge criticisms especially after she confirmed her divorce, and subsequent reports that her long term lover, Nigerian model/actor IK Ogbonna was begging her for forgiveness and a comeback.


On June 23, 2010 which is exactly 4 years 8 days ago; an excerpt of an article published on crediting indicated reasons why the then secret marriage was not made public by Juliet Ibrahim, it read:

“I am a Ghanaian because aside the fact that my mother is an Ashanti, I am now married to a Ghanaian”. She said, it was a very small traditional private engagement ceremony, just between family members.’

But if really the family of Kwadwo Safo did not show up for her marriage ceremony, which family members did Juliet happily speak about? Besides, did the Ibrahim family approve or show up for the marriage?
Despite being born in Ghana to a Lebanese father, Mr. Hussein Ibrahim and a half Liberian/Ghanaian mother, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim; the imperative question many ask is that has there ever been any reports’ appreciating or praising them during interviews by the actress?
Aside the reasons given by the actress, a close source to Juliet Ibrahim disclosed to GhanaWeb that the reasons stated by the actress were not whole as there were financial conflicts, the baby and love among others.
On a lighter note, Iyanya could possibly be the next lucky man in the life of actress-cum-musician, Juliet ‘Jewel’ Ibrahim who earlier said in an interview on AY Show that she admires the ‘Kukere’ artiste.
Watch ‘Traffic Jam’ by Juliet Ibrahim featuring Kay Dizzle:

Source: Ama Larbie

I daresay Africa is liberated …

Today is Ghana’s Republic Day and it marks 54 years of absolute freedom from colonial authority. So to all Ghanaians, I say Happy Republic day. However, I found something yet interesting and close to Africa’s liberation and freedom; the celebration of PANAFEST. Pan-African Historical Theatre Festival, PANAFEST is a cultural festival of African dance, music and other performing arts dedicated to the enhancement of the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the development of the African continent.

PANAFEST was passionately proposed by the late Efua Sutherland in the mid-1980s as a cultural vehicle for bringing Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora together around the issues raised on slavery and how it has cost the African.

The essential driving force of PANAFEST has been to enhance development by calling on Africans around the world to use its platform to “Reconnect their strengths and rededicate themselves to fully assume their own destiny in recognition of the lessons of history”.

The objective of PANAFEST addresses the traumatic interruption that occurred in the natural evolution of African societies and seeks to fix it. Interestingly, some people in the Diasporas have been able to trace their roots to the coasts of African which is so much joy with a lot more benefiting through other avenues.

Now, to the main reason why I threw in the statement ‘I dare say Africa is liberated… ’ is that, Primarily Africa is believed to be free of colonial rule. Hmm to what extent? I challenge every African to toss this statement in his or her mind and ascertain ourselves if indeed we are liberated.

Again, it was in the light of the similar concept of liberation that PANAFEST was also instituted. This event has been hosted mostly in the central region of Ghana which also happens to be the hometown of the originator of this great concept.

Right! The first thing one would think when this ceremony is mentioned is the development particularly evident in the places in focus with regards to PANAFEST. A lot more people anticipate that education among the natives around whom such a history revolves would be exceptional and harnessed into innovations that will be beneficial to the region and Africa as a whole.

Unfortunately, the turn of events make one tend to think that  perhaps the message has being misinterpreted to mean – locate some big shots in the Diaspora to collect money and other things from them. Also, the last time I checked on health records, I found a high statistics of teenage pregnancy and child mothers in the region and as for the issue of poverty, the least said the better.

This is one region endowed with many opportunities, receive diverse mentorship from renowned personalities around the globe as well as witness experiences that should spark a drive that will agitate mostly the young folks to strive to right the mistakes of their past as a corrective step to better their future.

But what do we see? During grand ceremonies such as PANAFEST, Oguaa Fetu Afahye, Bakatue Festival, among other cultural festivities, you rather see young people mostly teenagers clad in very provocative attire at event grounds pacing aimlessly to and fro during these festivities; a rather unfortunate situation.

If they even paid attention to the speeches addressed and discussed at these events, it would challenge them as Africans to rise up to change unwanted circumstances in their society which would directly affect their lives. Unfortunately, the order of the day has been that they keep going back to that lifestyle of trading their bodies for money and international contacts.

Nevertheless, as the business magnates will say, a problem identified is half solved and I am pretty sure I am the only one who has noticed this silent trend cutting off the future generations of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

PANAFEST is an Africa initiative which aims to emancipate Africa and we must make the best of it. In the same light Ghana was first to gain independence in Africa and we must have something to show for it.

The celebration of series of festivals (Bakatue , Oguaa Fetu Afahye etc) is just around the corner.  How I wish the traditional authorities, social leaders like Pastors, Evangelists, Imams and the family heads would look out for these poor misguided minors and inspire and challenge them toward the route to a good life, self-empowerment and most importantly, maximize the benefit of these events positively.

Since Ghana seems to be home all the cool concepts like independence, PANAFEST etc I will put forth the old parlance that says ‘charity begins at home’ and if we have the opportunity to help, let us start changing lives beginning from within our societies before it transcends to all other African countries and the Diaspora who have devoutly participated in particular PANAFEST event since its inception.

I have always believed that it is never too late to help a dieing situation. Let us rise up and build Africa; you, me and everyone should be involved, knowing that eventually we can build a better Africa. Once again Happy Republic Day- One Africa – One love.

Hollywood Stars we love – Focus on Rachael McAdams

Not only is Rachael McAdams beautiful but very simple in mind and character. Rachael, a Canadian actress known for her outstanding performance in award winning movie “the Notebook” is a unique personality who transforms into every script handed to her.

The recent movie ‘About Time’ released last year, puts her in a light that makes everyone admire her uniqueness in a subtle manner. Listening to a few interviews she has done, I feel particularly intrigued by her touch of innocence that naturally flows with her ‘wow!’ acting which comes across very effortless on set!

Let’s learn more as Rachael reveals stuff about herself and her acting career right in this interview…

World Cup 2014 – Why Black Stars need to stay longer

Living on the Dodowa road can be pretty boring in terms of places to hangout, if that’s your thing. It’s difficult to find a decent place to hang out in the evening if you don’t have a means of transport to and from Adenta at least. I don’t own a car which means I was starting to worry and wonder how I was going to enjoy this world cup season amongst a crowd of football world cup fanatics like myself who would make whatever atmosphere we happen to be in, charged with excitement.

You can imagine my surprise when I accidentally came across a Pub named “Halftime” that opened in the very week the tournament started.

This was great news for me and my kind as we had been handed our own personal stadium right here in our neighborhood. Filled with all the niceties that you would expect, including but not limited to, Flat screen TV’s, great seats, well stocked bar, some finger foods, great music and sound quality, a great crowd to mingle with and a number of others exciting activities.

It even had an outdoor projector for those that didn’t want to feel cooped up inside. Additionally, the service was marvelous. I started to get worried I might be charged 3 times more than what I normally pay for my beer, and I was pleasantly surprised on the front too. Standard priced drinks.

The next night, I was there for another match and I was totally blown away by great customer service. A nice lady had also setup to serve hot fried yam and kelewele to patrons of “Halftime”. It even came with some meat and pepper! Now please tell me, is there a better way to enjoy the world cup if you were me?

To be honest I was really excited about the timing of the bar’s opening and its location than the drinks available there. This got me thinking about all the job opportunities that this one month long tournament made available to Ghanaians from all walks of life. How simple it will be to produce a game changing service or product that could propel the average Joe from obscurity to instant fame and fortune.

Then the blatant truth hit me. Ghanaians love football, but the world cup excitement will only thrive properly as long as Ghana remains in the tournament. Meaning the Black Stars, by loosing and coming home early, will be as much to blame for unemployment rates as the government is (on the lighter side).

This is very exciting and disheartening at the same time. A few lessons I picked and would want to share.

  1. In entrepreneurship, timing is Key. There is no such thing as getting to the party too early or too late. Too early means you may have to wait till the golden stream of customers starts coming, or too late would also mean, you are the fifth person in your locality who’s hit on and started that very business venture. Time your product or service so that it is available when your projected customers need it most or want it badly.
  2. Continuity in business depends largely on service quality and product quality together. Having a great product at the right time doesn’t guarantee success. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t guarantee anything. Point of correction, it guarantees that you, by yourself, have a great product or service. You need to be able to deliver that product or service exceptionally. Sometimes all that means is being able to receive everybody with a smile and a nice word or two. Other times, it means ensuring the products are delivered adequately. Look at your service and learn how to deliver it exceptionally.
  3. Grow your business around a community; it is the biggest strength of an entrepreneur. That we can integrate our products and service directly into people’s lives without the high cost of advertising. Don’t work at being able to provide all the peripheral services around your business. In the case of “Halftime”, she had Fried Yam and Kelewele going, by other vendors. This simply means that patrons of the kelewele and fried yam, mobile phone credits and whatever additional service she allows on her fore court will also provide a possible additional stream of clientele.

Yes, I am praying the Black Stars qualify for the next round of the tournament, not just because I can keep going to HalfTime (my new favourite hangout) but because, if we all take a good look at what opportunities are there, a life or two will be touched and a family will have an income this world cup season.

Have a blessed week and be sure to keep your chin up at all times. It’s only a matter of time before we all are success stories.



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